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Management Analyst - Executive Support for the Special Operations Policy Oversight Committee
National Capital Region

The Hoplite Group is seeking to hire a Management Analyst - Executive Support for the Special Operations Policy Oversight Committee at the Pentagon, to support the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict (OASD SO/LIC). OASD SO/LIC’s responsibilities to provide the overall supervision (including oversight of policy and resources) of special operations activities.



The OSD SOLIC Management Analyst will manage proposals for Special Operations Policy and Oversite Council (SOPOC) agendas for SSO leadership (ASD SO/LIC). Maintain status of efforts to develop and continuously improve policy, joint processes, and procedures that facilitate the development, acquisition, integration, employment, and sustainment of SO forces and capabilities. Assists in scheduling issues to be elevated above the SOPOC level. Oversees calendar management and scheduling for all SOPOC events. Prepare and manage SOPOC agendas and membership rosters. Obtains and coordinates preparation of SOPOC venues. Prepare summary of conclusions within 48 hours following the SOPOC or working group meetings. Records and communicates minutes of all SOPOC events and tracks the status of assigned tasks. Provides analysis and monitors progress of the assigned tasks in all specified goals and benchmarks; re-evaluating and adjusting them as directed. Serve as the lead for preparing read aheads and talking points for senior leader participation in the SOPOC. Collects, assembles, and prepares briefings, position papers, and briefing books for senior SOPOC attendees. Assembles guidance from high-level administration policy, Congressional mandates, and DoD policy and analysis from throughout OSD, Services, the Joint Staff, USSOCOM and others as necessary to support issue development during working groups and issue presentation at the SOPOC Senior Steering Group (SSG) and SOPOC. Facilitates the SSO/ASD(SO/LIC)’s efforts to synchronize the SOPOC by coordinating with other OSD stakeholders, the Services, USSOCOM and other specified participants, and by identifying organizational positions or issues that conflict with the SSO/ASD(SO/LIC)’s strategic objectives. Develops recommendations for SSO/ASD(SO/LIC) to engage SOPOC participants to communicate ASD(SO/LIC)’s position or message. Assists in coordinating draft written products with counterparts across DOD, the other military services, OSD and the Joint Staff. Integrate work with guidance provided in NDS. Provides situational awareness to both the SSO/ASD(SO/LIC) and other USSOCOM leaders. Administers the SOPOC process and recommends improvements in accordance with the DOD guidance found within Department of Defense Directive 3801.01. Prepares ASD approval annual and multi-year milestones/goals regarding long range work plans and schedules for the organization. Prepares the ASD an annual summary of SOPOC and working group work and accomplishments. 



Minimum 2 years’ experience in strategic or program analysis, program management, process management, or related fields


Active DoD Top Secret Clearance with SCI eligibility



Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in any field of study

Preferred: Master’s degree from an accredited university in any field of study



Travel may be required, CONUS/OCONUS. 

Normal Duty Hours – Monday-Friday, 0730-1630.

Mission may require extended shifts or weekend work.

Alternative Work Location/Telework may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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