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ILegal Curriculum Developers / Mobile Instructors
Train & Equip, Rule of Law 


STATUS: 1099 Contract 

LOCATION: OCONUS - 1 week long in country engagements


A Juris Doctor’s degree from an accredited college/university (or other similar advanced legal degree such as Master of Laws (LLM)) from an accredited college or university.



The Hoplite Group is looking for experienced Legal SME (s) to serve in “1099,” contractor positions; Curriculum developers and Legal Mobile Instructors (Train and Equip Rule of Law). Starting in September/October for a period of one year, to develop and provide courses in Human Rights (HR), International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the Cyber Domain is a series of one week mobile courses. The courses will be conducted on 3 separate occasions, at locations in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Courses will include Human Resources and International Humanitarian Law, augmented by complementary instruction relating to internet freedoms and rule of law in the cyber domain. 

Contractor SME(s) will be responsible for developing a program of instruction beyond the current HR/IHL curriculum, and focusing on the application and interaction of HR and IHL with the cyber domain and internet freedoms. 


1. Minimum of ten (10) years’ of experience working in international law. 

2. Minimum of 5 years experience in applying international and domestic law to cyber security operations and/or the cyber domain. 

3. Must have experience teaching advanced academic courses and presenting professional briefings/reports related to proposed topics. 

4. Experience in leading and conducting courses with an international audience similar in size and composition to the audience anticipated for this event. 

5. Within the last two years. recent and relevant international instructional and research experience in aspects of international law relating to cyber security and internet freedoms. Thorough knowledge, experience, and current research in the identified legal aspects of cyber security operations topical areas is required. 

6. Experience in cyber security operations, HR, IHL, rule of law in the cyber domain, and internet freedoms must be demonstrated. Evidence of specific knowledge shall include, but is not limited to, verified work experience, published papers (from peer reviewed professional journals), contributions to reports, presentations related to the subject matter. 

7. Ability to communicate multifaceted issues in an effective manner, discuss complex problems, conduct analysis, and recommend solutions. 

8. Ability to work effectively in a team instructional environment 

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