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Cyber Strategy and Policy Subject Matter Expert (ICB)


LOCATION: Albania 

The Hoplite Group is looking for a Cyber Strategy and Policy Subject Matter Expert (SME) for an engagement in Albania 3-7 April 2023. This project may have follow-on activities in FY23, but dates and topics are dependent upon the outcomes of this initial planning mission; all engagements are projected to be up to one-week duration each for the life of the project. Estimated OPTEMPO: One SME working 80 hours per quarter for each in-person engagement, and TBD additional hours per quarter for each virtual engagement. This provides hours to plan, execute and follow up in-country or virtual engagements and U.S. stakeholder coordination; additional hours to support virtual and in-person workshops as required.

Projected SME Requirements: Client requires a Cyber Strategy and Policy SME to provide ICB Cyber Strategy, Doctrine, Policy, and Operations Development consulting and change management expertise for focused engagements to advise and assist Albania in developing or enhancing its cyber strategy, doctrine, policies, and processes. The Cyber Strategy and Policy SME will work with the Client RPL, Regional Cyber Lead, and other stakeholders as appropriate to conduct advising.  


The Cyber Strategy and Policy SME will have deep experience, functional training, and/or expertise in the required areas below.  Primary duties will be to support the Client Regional Program Lead and Cyber Team in assessing current capabilities and requirements for future advising missions.  This may include project management functions, including the preparation, execution, and follow-up for in-country advising and education engagements; team meetings; virtual workshop production; knowledge management; and country-specific research. 




·       Cyber Strategy, Doctrine, and Policy Development

·       Cyber Incident Response 

·       Implementing institutional capacity building programs and in-person facilitation


In addition, a highly qualified SME will have experience/familiarity with the following: 


·       Cyberspace Planning and Operations 

·       Experience within DoD at strategic and operational levels

·       Security cooperation/Security assistance programs

·       International/Interagency cooperation

·       Cyber workforce development

·       Expertise in in-person and virtual facilitation techniques and tools

·       Experience with project management tools and techniques

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