Air Battle Manager

KANSAS - Fort Leavenwort

SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIREMENT: Active Secret clearance, with the ability to obtain a Top Secret clearance

You will be working alongside the military, federal employees, and other government contractors. You will be supporting the 505th Combat Training Squadron mission set including delivering joint theater environments and world class scenario generation and exercise control for operational C2 warfighter training. 



  • Apply the unique capabilities of the Air Component into the US Army Mission Command Training Program (MCTP) series of Warfighter Exercises. 

  • Understand, integrate, coordinate, and represent Air Force airspace command, control and integration capabilities of the Air Component during the year-long planning/execution cycles for 5+ major multi-echelon (JTF, Corps, Division level) joint complex worldwide events each year. 

  • Coordinate processes, products, programs and people in support of ongoing MCTP events.

  • Integrate functional specialties represented in the AOC, JACCE, JAGIC, TACP, CRC, AWACS and JSTARS.

  • Write and integrate Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) story lines.

  • Coordinate joint air ground integration networks on web-based knowledge management.

  • Act as an Airpower Integration subject matter expert (SME) and facilitate high fidelity air ground integration supporting ongoing Joint Training Transformation Initiatives, Joint National Training Capabilities, Army MCTP exercises and events. 

  • Work with senior Army and Air Force leaders, exercise directors, exercise planners from all echelons, exercise controllers, and Soldiers and Airmen from the assigned training audience to coordinate for and provide effective air plans, execution and control for all counter-land operations.

  • Be proficient with the exercise planning tools currently being used in the operational environment.

  • Attend conferences to represent Det 1 and Air Component/AOC replication and to coordinate on exercise construct issues with joint MCTP exercise planners.

  • Receive daily guidance from the acting CAP and CFACC and be able to articulate command intent and distribute information to facilitate full Air Component integration.

  • Work with exercise planners for realistic and accurate presentation and integration of airspace integration and effects contributing to the scenario, if necessary. 

  • Contribute airspace-related oversight, processes and inputs to the development of exercise objectives for approval at MCTP and training objectives for the training audience. 

  • Attend Initial, Mid, and Final Exercise Planning (IEP, MEP, FEP) conferences, when needed, and other key meetings to advise and coordinate scenario development and operational/tactical airspace integration issues with MCTP and 505 CTS exercise.

  • Advise, communicate and coordinate with AOC and 505 CTS to update air component products, as needed to integrate airspace effects and doctrinally correct procedures.

  • Provide inputs and answers related to the ACA’s support role.



  • Bachelor’s degree 

  • 6 years of experience as an Air Battle Manager (ABM)

  • 1 year as AWACS/JSTARS, CRC Senior Controller

  • 3 years ABM experience in AOC, ASOC/JAGIC or TACP as operations or plans officer

  • 3 years ABM, AOC, ASOC/JAGIC or TACP experience with Air Force TBMCS and Army Mission Command Systems

  • Participation in two or more AOC/ASOC/TACP Joint exercises as plans or operations officer or as ASOC/JAGIC/TACP representative

    ASOG/ASOS-level Air Battle Manager experience

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office, Adobe Pro

  • Secret Clearance



  • Master’s degree

  • Intermediate Level Education (PME) in-residence

  • 3 years AOC, CRC, AWACS, JSTARS experience

  • ASOG, ASOS experience as operations, planner, instructor, mentor while assigned to an AOC, ASOG, ASOS

  • AFFOR, MAJCOM Staff experience

  • Top Secret Clearance 


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Please note that an active Secret Security Clearance is required.


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