Airspace Manager/Planner (Secret Clearance)

FLORIDA - Hurlburt Field


You will be working alongside the military, federal employees, and other government contractors. You will be supporting the 505th Combat Training Squadron mission set including delivering joint theater environments and world class scenario generation and exercise control for operational C2 warfighter training.



  • As the Airspace Manager/Planner, you will know and understand the details of doctrinal AOC airspace cell processes to create,  plan, and maintain Airspace Groups and Airspace Coordinating Measures (ACMS) and support replicated air missions and to support exercise execution.


  • Build and modify computer program files and databases which reflect airspace coordinating measures and procedures to support the ABP (daily).

  • Assist in the development and delivery of planning materials, software files, and programming products.

  • Generate ACO files to use in current operational weapons systems including, but not limited to: TBMCS during training, testing, and exercise events.

  • Assist in the development of planning materials applicable to the production of a daily ABP/ACO.

  • Coordinate with AOC RC/White Force personnel concerning changes to current or evolving exercise situations that necessitate changes to the ACO.

  • Coordinate with AOC RC/White Force personnel to ensure exercise, training, or test ABPs, ATOs, and ACOs are tailored to meet execution requirements (daily).

  • Provide inputs on airspace consideration for ATO development and execution and provide airspace inputs to ATO Change process and execution.

  • Identify conflicts with airspace control means requests (ACMREQs) and facilitates airspace integration/deconfliction utilizing appropriate automation tools.

  • Ensure airspace integration/real-time replicated airspace C2 is coordinated with appropriate air, space, and cyber “fly out” replication cells to ensure seamless and transparent replication to the training audience during execution.

  • Provide expertise on operating within replicated ATC and civil airspace systems as required. 

  • Ensure pre-event planning includes any civilian ATC requirements and incorporate and finalize requirements prior to execution. 

  • Coordinate with the white force cell (if formed), for ATC, ICAO, joint/coalition/host nation and other airspace users to meet exercise objectives.

  • Input and evaluate ACMREQs requests based on the ACP separation rules and AOD knowledge to meet event objectives.

  • Have knowledge of current operational weapons systems including, but not limited to: ASMA-FP and TBMCS Web Based Airspace Deconfliction (WEBAD) in conjunction with other TBMCS Services, which provides the tools necessary to maintain ACMs, ACOs and ACP.



  • Associate’s Degree

  • 10 years of military operational and training experience

  • 2 years of AOC specific experience in Combat Plans or Combat Operations Divisions

  • 3 years of experience with AOC products/processes and TTPs

  • In-depth understanding of current ACO Production and MAAP planning and TTPs

  • Understanding of the ACO production supports compilation and publication of relevant SPINS

  • Knowledge of procedures for incorporating changes prior to publication and dissemination of the daily ACO and subsequent ACO changes

  • 2 years of experience with AOC Systems

  • Experience with IBM PC/Client hardware, Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems, FALCON VIEW, IWS, SharePoint, and TBMCS software.

  • Knowledge of AMT production creates, modifies and maintains accurate planning databases in TBMCS

  • Knowledge of ASMA-FP, in conjunction with TBMCS Services, which provides the tools necessary to maintain ACMs, ACOs and ACP

  • Operational knowledge/experience as ACO planner to role play position during operational level exercises or real-world deployments within the last 5 years

  • NAF-level experience

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office, Adobe Pro

  • Secret Clearance



  • Bachelor's degree

  • Experience as an exercise designer/planner/director

  • AFFOR, MAJCOM Staff experience


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Please note that an active Secret Security Clearance is required.


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