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AFSOC Course Facilitator
Hurlburt Field - Florida

The Hoplite Group is seeking course facilitators for AFSOC at Hurlburt Field, Florida. 



Course Facilitators will research AFSOC needs and draft course outlines, develop, review, present, and assess lessons, programs of instruction and courses at USAFSOS. After training courses are developed, Course Facilitators will test and verify courses are effective. Course Facilitators may take on an advisory role when courseware is being developed. Course Facilitators will schedule classes, students, and classrooms. Assist with the warfighting family of courses as well as provide applicable warfighting education to other courses contained with the school’s portfolio. Course Facilitator support the following: Special Operations Task Unit, Special Operations Task Group, Warfighting Course, and AFSOC Leadership Development.  Course Facilitators will educate students on specific areas of instruction to include roles and functions of wartime staffs, mission planning, risk identification and categorization, antiterrorism/force protection, COMREL, and operating within a JIIM environment. Educate students on the Joint Planning Process, Joint Warfighting Functions, Information Operations, Preparation of the Environment, Funding/Fiscal Authorities, Operational Authorities/Approvals, and the orders process. Educate students on warfighting staff roles and functions, to include the generation of CONOPs and plans, and by also providing oversight, assessment, and risk identification. Educate students on command relationships, operational authorities, funding/fiscal authorities, airpower employment, mission capabilities of SOF components, as well as an overview of the roles and functions of the JSOTF, TSOC, SOJTF, JTF, and GCC echelons. Educate students on Theater Campaign plan/guidance, Global Campaign plans, applicable EXORDs, OPLANs, integrated Country Strategies overview, Contract Aviation Oversight, Information Operations and Preparation of the Environments. Conduct a comprehensive classroom exercise which enables the students to apply and synthesize Joint Planning Process education towards a realistic scenario representative of pending environments in which the students will be conducting operations. Educate students on irregular warfare concepts, integrating operations in a JIIM environment and explain doctrinal command relationships, operations planning, creative and critical thinking. Course Facilitators should be prepared to conduct virtual or actual staff rides which facilitate the application and synthesis of all educational concepts described. For the AFSOC Leadership Course, facilitators should teach the strategic vision and mission of AFSOC while emphasizing the role of today’s Airmen in leading current and future Special Operations Forces, teach the legal, administrative and financial responsibilities of SOF leaders within SOCOM organizations, providing students with a functional understanding of what resources are available at their disposal, be able to instruct specialized topics, including Total Force Integration (TFI), the role of industry in furthering the AFSOC/SOCOM mission, the Air Commando Association, and effective writing/communications workshop. For all courses facilitate student engagement in an in-class exercise employing different leadership scenarios that examine legal and ethical issues in real-world simulated situations.



SOTU & SOTG Course Facilitator: Graduate of, or previous instructor experience at one or more of the following schools or equivalents: SAAS, SAMs, JAWs, SAWs, JMPE II, JTFSBC, Air University LeMay Center. Previous staff assignment as an action/plans officer (or higher) on a COCOM, TSOC, JTF staff or the Joint Staff.


Warfighter Course Facilitator: Previous assignment as staff or liaison officer (LNO) to a Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational organization. Previous assignment to a U. S. Embassy. Experience as assigned staff to a JSOTF or equivalent irregular warfare organization. Experience in joint and/or SOF military operations and planning Experience in airpower operations and planning.


AFSOC Leader Development Course Facilitator: Leadership experience at the field grade/SNCO level within AFSOC and/or Squadron Commander or Senior Enlisted Advisor experience.



Must have at least a minimum of a Secret Clearance.



Minimum of a BS/BA



Travel may be required, CONUS/OCONUS. 

Normal Duty Hours – Monday-Friday, 0730-1630.

Mission may require occasional extended shifts or weekend work.

Alternative Work Location/Telework may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Do you hold an Active Security Clearance?
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